County Closed - Racketball, and Squash Doubles

Inaugural County Closed for Racketball, and Squash Doubles

We are pleased to announce the launch of Cambridgeshire’s first official County Closed for Racketball (a.k.a. Squash57), and Squash Doubles.


Building on the success that Cambridge Squash Club had just prior to the pandemic, the County has decided to formally integrate the County Closed Squash Doubles into our annual calendar. The doubles will be played on standard sized squash courts, with three categories offered: Open; Mixed; and Ladies.


Squash doubles is a high paced and fun version of the game, perfect for the off-season and for players to try something a little different!


Racketball, also known as Squash 57, is also played on a standard squash court, but with a bigger, bouncier ball, and shorter, squatter rackets. Many players enjoy the long, endurance-style rallies that are typical in racketball; usually the game is less explosive when compared with squash.


Both events will be hosted at Hunts County Squash Club on the 11-12th June.


See the poster for details on how to enter!